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On a chilly afternoon of February 22, 2022, with snow piling on top of cars, a cool breeze swept through the city. I was on my way to meet my old friend Tony. We studied together at the same university, same department, and same class, uncovering our passion for the arts - eventually earning our BA Period. After completing his studies in international management at Thunderbird graduate school, Tony worked in the IT business sector for 20 years. He also has experience in broadcast journalism, and his exposure in the IT business helps differentiate Tony's ability to strategize. I also started off working in broadcasting. Since then, I have garnered experience as a Drama series, film and animation director, and screenwriter. One day, Tony shared his view of NFTs (Non-fungible token), which inspired me to propose a drama series project.

My name is Min, short for Minhang Yun.

I worked in the broadcasting field for more than 20 years. All this while in Korea, various unwritten rules restricted the freedom of materials and expressions, and thanks to the conversion to OTT platforms, some of these restrictions are now lifted. The potential of Korean shows is starting to bloom. I have been preparing to unleash my know-how, and with these restrictions gone, I can prepare my ultimate project. I learned about the Metaverse from Tony, which enticed me more. In Tony's plan, he wants to have unrestrained work and control through purchasing land to build a Cinema in the Sandbox, and ultimately premiere their work there to meet more viewers were enough to expedite my heartbeats.

When the project was about to commence, I only had one question for myself:

"Can I make people a tad merrier?"

That's right.
The genre of my project is comedy.
But it's not just a comedy series. I wish to introduce a comedy-action series that will crack people up yet is oppressive, cruel but fun, and sloppy but fancy.

The title is:

The Serious Killer

Code name: Serious.
As his code name says, he is too serious about being a killer. He is "dope yet smart." He is quiet, but he has the power and speed that transcend the limits of humans. He is just absurd. He was brought up as a killer since he was young, and he never received regular education. Therefore, he is ignorant and deviates from society's norms, but he wishes to become normal: the reason he cleared up his dark past was to taste the freedom and trivial life. That's why he is serious, like his code name. He cannot help being serious. He constantly fights with his past and lives seriously to change his life. It is the only way to protect his new life.

I have prepared his image in the 3-minute demo video.
Please enjoy the short video.

How was it?
Of course, the reality is that I could not commit the budget fully and therefore could not shoot the original scale in the frames. But I judged that the tone of Serious, our hero, is sufficient to introduce a part of his manners.

The synopsis is as follows:


An enormous slush fund controversy occurs and erupts the status quo in Korean politics.
Those who amassed the cash from unofficial lobbying tried to recover their funds, but people started to prey on the black money they could not report anywhere. Coincidentally, Serious comes across a dead man with a bag of money. Serious realizes that the money was obtained through illegal routes and donates the whole fund to charity organizations.

The prosecutors' investigations point to the chair of 00 Group, who created the slush fund. The chairperson forfeits the slush fund and hires assassins to eliminate the intermediaries silently. However, even the assassins could not stop their enticement from the large slush fund. During their missions, they began to crave the fund and tenaciously trace the funds. At the end of such a trace stood Serious. What, he threw all the funds to the charity organization? What a nut!!! And he's here!

Killers who had their eyes on Serious perished in a slash.
They were no match for Serious.

Serious has also been hiding his identity.
His origin is unclear: his identity is not registered, and he always moves stealthily.
Serious was the top promising killer brought up by Killer Union since he was young.

He was known to have been killed by Killer Union five years ago when he tried to leave the union after having an identity crisis. It was the rule that no one would leave the union alive to protect the organization's secrecy.

But for some reason, Serious was alive.

When the world learned of his survival, some killers challenged him at the union's order, while others who admired him became his strategically.

Serious usually does not use guns, and that's because he has never met an opponent so strong that he needed one. Killer Union sent the best available killers to attack Serious to no avail. All of them crossed the great divide.

Upon learning of Serious's survival, Killer Union hires Steve Blockbuster, the legendary US killer. Steve, who knows him by sight, learned about the elimination of Serious and volunteered to come to Korea. To Steve, Korea is an unfamiliar country. It was not easy to adapt to the new environment, but the aim of his muzzle was already on Serious's head.

The showdown between Serious and Steve drives the series to its climax.

Well, everyone!

That’s it.
The short synopsis may read like a typical action series, but it is not.

Of course, there will be action scenes. But The Serious Killer is a comedy show. It will not be a typical comedy; instead, there will be a mix of genres in this show. The breakdown of the story of The Serious Killer offers 40% comedy, 40% hard-boiled action, and 20% serious drama.

I can guarantee that The Serious Killer will be utterly different from ordinary killer shows. The showdowns and the cooperations of various fun and unique killers also constitute the entertaining points.

I completed the initial planning of The Serious Killer about five years ago back in 2017.

And many production shops were extremely interested in the series.
However, being a series that has never been tried in Korea and requiring enormous production costs, I paused the project after talking with two production offices. There are productions interested in this project as we speak, but I decided to meet Tony to plan out the show.


The Serious Killer, a comedy-action series, is targeting to shoot about 8 to 10 episodes. Each episode will run for 50 minutes. Original script up to the second episode is already available. We will complete the scripts for the remaining episodes in about six months.

Well, the script is the blueprint of the work, so if the blueprint is ready, we should start preparing, right?


Nowadays, Korea owns a lineup of famous actors. Lee Byung-hoon, Lee Jung-Jae, and Youn Yuh-Jung made their appearances in Hollywood films and even received various awards overseas. But Korea still is overflowing with talented actors. I have even prepared a list of actors who have respectable lists of filmographies under their names and seem to have been born to give life to this Serious Killer. With the actors' talents, we are equipped to provide a unique angle in acting and comic sense to act this Serious Killer.

The planning of this series started quite some time ago, and as it has been some time since I have put my foot into this field, I have much staff with whom I became intimately acquainted. Among all things in The Serious Killer Project, action is the most specialized field. I have prepared the collaboration with (Seoul Action School), the most renowned action training school in Korea, and have shared the concepts with them for quite some time. This plan ensures that, rather than providing action scenes mechanically just because the work needs some action scenes, I could compose action scenes that can melt into this project. If Seoul Action School decides to participate in the action scenes of The Serious Killer, they will have to put everything they have to make the project work. Even the action director from the school told me that his heart is throbbing after listening to this project. It takes about six months to synchronize the actions and allow the main actors to train some martial arts. Training will begin as soon as the casting is completed and be included in the pre-production period.

Other preparations for sets, locations, arts, and garments are also needed. These preparations will take place alongside the action training above, and the pre-production will require about six months.

After the preparations are made, we will begin our six-month production.
Even though the shooting takes the least time to complete, it requires the most fund. I think about six months will be the best estimate for the shooting. Provided that, we don't come across any natural disasters.

Then, we take about six months for post-production.
A horde of processes – visual editing, CG, color correction, sound effects, and background music, to name a few – awaits us. Korea is home to some of the best post-processing system terminals, so I anticipate that these terminals will lead us to the pinnacle required by every part of The Serious Killer Project.

We could open our gorgeous cinema after purchasing good land in The Sandbox. Suppose we continuously air The Serious Killer's episodes; many viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy this excellent show. We highly value the pride of the work you have participated in; its production will become the first-ever Korean series to be screened in the cinema.

We need your participation.
All of you are my production.
So we have prepared holder benefits for participating in the production:


[Holder Benefits in Series Production]

☛ We will expose something that symbolizes you in the series.

Serious's hideout will be a large warehouse. His hideout is exposed on the silver screen throughout the series.
As the dark and complicated image of the warehouse represents his dark past, I plan to make various artistic approaches in the series. I will put anything you send us in the set and leave the evidence that you have participated in the production. It will be more meaningful if the item you send is something that represents you or something you cherish dearly, won't it? Anything will do. I will engrave your name on the set if you ask me to do so.
I will notify how holders can participate to randomly selected participants within the filming period.

☛ Names of random holders will become the characters' names during the shoot.

Some foreign characters make their appearance in The Serious Killer. Being a Korean, it is never easy to name foreign characters. When I write scripts, I sometimes use the names of people around me. But because most of them are Koreans, I will have rare access to foreign names. But I will have you, the holders. I will pick some of your names as the foreign characters' names. Foreign characters appearing in the series may be lead characters, supporting characters, or extras. But it could not be easy to put the full name. I'll try to use your first names.

☛ Participate in the press conference.

When the production is decided, I will invite holders in the metaverse space to a conference with actors. We will share the scenarios and the production directions, and I hope we will enjoy your time at the meeting.

☛ We will give away mementos (Merchandise Drops)

Only the holders will be entitled to receive souvenirs, such as the actors' autographs, t-shirts, and caps. I will listen to your ideas in the Discord channel to prepare various mementos.

☛ We will thank holders for making our series possible.

We will purchase land in the Sandbox to build our cinema. The cinema will be designed based on your ideas, and we will premiere the series only to the holders.

☛ We will invite holders to the wrap party.

After our successful screening of the series, we will invite all actors, production parties, special guests, and holders to hold a wrap-up party at a beautiful place in Seoul.


Discord channel start(TBA)
White List for Pre-sales initiation(TBA)
Sales to the public starts(TBA)
Scenario writing and pre-production preparation start
(anticipated 6 months)
MOU execution for Official Partner of the Sandbox and land securitization
The construction of the Sandbox Series Cinema and development plan commences
Production conference
(Invitees of NFTs holders and air on the our metaverse site)
Filming starts (anticipated 6 months)
Post-production (anticipated 6 months)
Merchandising drops commencement
Season 1 (Episodes 8 to 10) play
(Exclusive screening at the Sandbox Series Cinema, to NFTs holders only)
Wrap up party
(in the metaverse space and a five-star hotel in Seoul,
wrap up party will ONLY be open to NFTs holders)


Q. Where do I buy “The Serious Killer Season1 Membership card?

☛ You can buy TSK Season1 Membership card on Opensea.(link) Season 2 Red card and Season 3 Blue card will come out accordingly.

Q. What is the total supply for the collection?

☛ 20,000 NFTs.

Q. What is the Public mint price?

☛ 450 $MATIC.

Q. When is the Public mint date?

☛ mid-May(TBA).

Q. How many can I mint during the public sale?

☛ Mint limit 10x.

Q. When will I know the possible benefits of participating in drama production periods?

☛ We will announce dates for attendance, how to attend, and other production benefits via Twitter and Discord. Therefore, you need to join the Discord and be updated with early announcements for random holders who share good vibes in our Discord. If you show some love, you will be noticed and have more chances.

Q. In Roadmap, will the drama production schedule be the same?

☛ After mint is completed, the drama production schedule may be updated as necessary.

Q. Exactly how much does it cost to make the drama? What would you do if the mint did not go as planned?

☛ We estimate that total cost of production is 10M USD for Season 1(8 to 10 Episodes). On May 30 via Discord, we will discuss and decide whether the project continues to proceed or not when mint results come to fruition.

Q. How much will be the distribution profits?

☛ At this time, we are unsure of how big this project might be. Nevertheless, we are optimistic and will concentrate on making the best K-Drama PERIOD.

Q. What other visionary themes of Meta Theater Project do you have?

☛ In the future, the Theater may provide FREE POP-CORNS for card holders ONLY. However, its name will be POP-KONG coins, an ERC-20 utility token for holders to participate in Theater verse activities;

Staker, Ambassador, Distributor, Warrior, Actor
Producer, Mediator, Planner, Administer, and Creator

and also grant partial ownership to all of the value in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization) to compete the real world OTTs platforms.

This will be another deep discussion in Discord then.

This work has been in waiting for a long time.
The energy is waiting to explode anytime.

So will you ignite the spark to mark its start?